Listed below are the current sets of tunes that Band members should be learning to play. 

Set 1    Heilan Laddie

2/4       Barren Rocks

            High Road To Gairloch


Set 2    The 79th Farewell to Gibraltar

2/4       Liberton Pipe Band


Set 3    Teribus

2/4       Corriechoillie

            The Brown Haired Maiden


Set 4    Green Hills of Tyrol

3/4       Battle’s O’er



Set 5    J.K. Cairns

3/4       Castle Dangerous


Set 6    Lochanside

3/4       Magersfontein


Set7     Loch Ruan

4/4       I Love a Lassie/Bonnie Lass/Naw Awa


Set 8    Scotland The Brave

4/4       The Rowan Tree

            The Old Rustic Bridge


Set 9    Jimmy Findlater

4/4       Killiecrankie


Set 10  Cock O The North

6/8       Bonnie Dundee

            Donald Dhu

            Athol Highlanders


Set 11  10th Battalion H.L.l

6/8       Leaving Port Askaig


Set 12  Farewell to the Creeks

6/8       Blue Bonnets


Set 13  Glendaruel Highlanders



Set 14  Bugle Hom

6/8       Hot Punch



Set 15  Battle of the Somme

9/8       Heights of Dargai


Set 16  Earl of Mansfield

MSR.   Invemess Rant

            Piper of Drummond


Set 17  Road To The Isles

M,S.R  Mac an Irish

            High Road to Linton


Set 18  High Road to Gairloch

M.S.R  Campbeltown Kiltie Ball

            Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree


Set 19  Amazing Grace

            Flower of Scotland

            Highland Cathedral


Set 20  Dark Isle

            Heroes of Kohima


Set 21  Morag Of Dunvegan

            Callin Mo Rainso


Set 22  Going Home

            Mull Of Kintyre


Set 23 Wings

4/4       Flett From Flotta

            Bonnie Woods of Stirkoke

            1976 Police Tattoo


Set 24 Crags of Tumbledown Mountain

4/4       Hills of Alva

            Shoals of Herring


Set 25  Scots wha hae

            Sky Boat Song

            Mairie’s Wedding


Set 26  Carles wi’ the Breeks

            Medley Paddy’s Leather Breeches


            Willies Brogues


Set 27  Mac an Irish

            High Road To Linton

            Itchy Fingers


Set 28  Black Bear

            Caller Herring