This list is not exhaustive.

A very busy schedule in this year for the band.


Sat 18th Jan. Burns night at Innsworth Camp  -  Full band
Completed with 8 pipers and 3 drummers

Sat 22nd Feb,  Scottish Society, Pittville School - Completed with 3 pipers.

Sun. 27th April St George's Parade in Hereford Completed with 7 pipers, 2  drummers and our Drum Major Bob G. Drummers were PJ and Josh C. Pipers were Iain, Kathy, Pam T. Carol B. Neil K. John S. and Veronica guesting from the Hereford Pipe Band.

Sat. May 10th  Cheltenham school  -  1 piper required. Completed by J.S.

Mon. 26th May - Pershore carnival WR10 1QU, Completed with 10 pipers and 3 drummers, pipers I.W. J.R. P.T. C.B. C.V. B.G. B.R.
P.Mc. J.S. and Callum, drummers J.C. George and Jill (Carol's daughter).

Frid. 30th May - Dovers Hill - evening. Completed with 8/9 pipers and 3/4 drummers, our illustrious P/M doubled up on the Bass Drum as well as piping (such talent). Pipers I.W J.R. C.V B.R. P. McN. P.T. C.B. J.S. and Callum, drummers were Jill, George and Josh C.

Frid. 30th May - Evesham - evening performance

Frid. 27th June Pipefest Stirling Completed with 6 pipers I.W. P.T. C.B. C.V. 
J.S.  Gregor Mc. and 1 drummer J.V.

June 28/29 Armed forces day in Cardiff

Sat. July 12th Pittville Pumps Room Cheltenham Arrive 2.30pm for tuning etc.
Completed with 8 pipers I.W. P.T. C.B. B.W. B.G. N.K. J.S. and Callum.

Sun. 27th July  British Pageant, Quedgeley, Gloucester  
Completed with 4 pipers P.T. B.G J.R C.J. 3 drummers P.J. J.C. and George.

Sat. Aug.16th Longhope BL poppy appeal  Gates open at 4pm, we are playing twice at 4.45 and 5.45. Meet at 4pm for tuning up etc. Completed with 9 pipers
I.W. P.T. C.V. B.R. J.R. N. K. B.W. B.G. J.S.

Mon. Aug. 25th Ledbury Carnival. Completed

Sat 6th Sept Glos Day Completed with 8 pipers Pam Turner, Carol Varney, John Ross, Bill Rivett, Bill Gibson, Robbie Cunningham,
John Shields and Callum. 5 Drummers Josh Chard,P.J. George, Jill Varney and Carol's sister. Thanks to the 4 from Bristol for their effort.

Fri 12th to Sun 14th Sept 2014 Bideford Festival of Piping & Drumming, Completed. 

Sun. 9th Nov. Remembrance day at Stow. Meet at the RBL hall for 9.30am to enable tuning to be completed before we march off (10.30 am from the square). Completed with 12 pipers,4 drummers and one mascot (young Finn). Pipers I.W. J.R. P.T. C.B. B.G. D.M. B.R. B.W. C. K. P.M. J.S. and Callum. Drummers K.W. P.J. J.C and George.