2018 events


Sat. 24th Feb. Cheltenham Scottish Society Annual dance, 4 Pipers required
meet at 6pm at the Pittville School, Albert Road GL52 3JD. The 4 pipers are William, Tom, Bill and Dominic with Alan in reserve. Completed with 4 pipers.

Saturday April 21st  Quedgeley Community Centre 7pm start . Lone Piper (William Haggie) required to play lament during the Act of Remembrance towards the end. Completed.

Sunday 22nd April Hereford St George's Day parade. March starts at 1.25pm beside Castle Green where there will be parking. Post Code HR1 2NW. We are only required at the moment to march from Castle Green to Hereford Cathedral, timings 1.25pm til 1.50pm. There is a service in the Cathedral starting at 2pm that you may attend, apparently there is a Weeping Poppy display that will attract a lot of visitors. Completed with 14 pipers and 2 drummers, thanks for the support.

Saturday May 19th Royal Wootton Basset Carnival Procession start time 4.30pm. Band need to be in line up by 4pm already tuned and ready to go. Parking has been arranged at The Prince of Wales pub in RWB Post Code SN4 7HT. Please arrive by 3.15pm to allow tuning up and the walk to the start for 4pm. Completed with 8 pipers and 1 drummer. Gerry D; John R; Bill G; George M; Pam T; Carol V; Robert C; John S; Andy (from Bristol). Thanks to the 2 stalwarts from Bristol.

Monday May 28th Pershore carnival. Start at the Pershore Football Ground, King George's Way Post Code WR10 1QU. Start is scheduled for 1pm please arrive by 12.15pm to allow for tuning etc. Now we have parking available at the Football Ground. We are not required to play in the arena afterwards. Completed with 11 pipers and 2 drummers thanks to all for the effort.

Sunday June 10th Bishops Cleeve Street Fair. March Starts at 11.45am; shortish march then we have a static display at 1pm at the Tithe Barn. Parking and tuning up will take place at the rear of the Tithe Barn Cheltenham Road Post Code GL52 8GD. Please arrive for no later than 11am as we also have a short walk from the Tithe Barn to the start for 11.45am. We also have a room at our disposal in the Tithe Barn. Ask for Peter Richmond if you have any problems parking at the Tithe Barn explain to the steward if asked that you are a band member. Completed with 11 pipers and 3 Drummers, well done on the turnout.

Saturday June 30th Pershore Armed forces day  Starting at the Abbey Car park approx 4.45pm and then short march to The Angel Hotel arriving at approx. 5pm. At the hotel we are required to march into the Arena and give a static display at approx 5.30pm. Prior to our display a Lone Piper is required to play a Lament during the short service between 5.15pm and 5.30pm P/M William Haggie to play. After our display we have been promised a free Pig Roast. Now there is a possible requirement for a 2nd static Display but that has been declined as it starts at approx 7.45pm but it is open to volunteers??? Also a Lone Piper is required for 10pm Bill Gibson has volunteered.  Parking will be at the Angel Hotel Post Code WR10 1AF. I would suggest arriving for 3 to 3.15pm as we have to tune up and then walk to the start for around 4pm. Completed with 12 pipers and 3 drummers thanks to all for their efforts but particularly our 4 muskateers from Bristol, thanks again James a hot day but we all enjoyed a cold drink and a pig roast afterwards.

Sunday 1st July Centenary Tournament Quedgeley. One piper required, Dominic will be the piper. Completed.

Sat. 1st Sept.  Gloucester Day Parade. Parade starts at 2pm in Constitution Walk Post Code GL1 1TH beside the Conservative Club. Band has also been requested to play a short session in Kings Square at 1pm  Post code GL1 1RP. Please arrive at Kings Square for 12.30pm to allow for tuning up etc. we have to arrange our own car parking but a few car parks close at hand, you should have received an email showing where the nearby Car Parks can be located. Completed with 11pipers and 3 Drummers thanks to Bristol for swelling out our ranks we have been invited back for next year.

Weekend 7th 8th and 9th Sept. Bideford Massed Pipes and Drums. You can view their website by selecting the link below. Completed with 4 pipers.


Sun. 11th November Stow in the Wold Remembrance day parade. For this year only as it is the 100th Anniversary new arrangements in place. No parking at the BL club, parking is at the car park of the The Unicorn Hotel, the car park is on the opposite side of the road (main road running through Stow, the A429 ) from the Hotel ; Post Code GL54 1HQ. I will attach a map to a future email. Tuning up storing of kit etc will be in the Church Rooms, access to these rooms is gained by crossing over the road from the car park to the hotel and walking (short distance) along an alleyway. Rooms will be opened from 9.30am; tea and coffee available. March off will be at 10.30am as normal from the square. Waiting for new instructions for our playing in the hall after the march. Completed with 9 pipers and 3 Drummers.

Sunday 11th Nov Battle's Over- A nation's tribute at 11 am Venue Gloucester Cathedral. A lone Piper Alan McClymont required probably for 6am. Completed




This list is not exhaustive.

Sat. 27th Feb. Cheltenham Scottish Society Annual dance, 4 Pipers required
meet at 7pm at the Pittville School, Albert Road GL52 3JD. Completed with 4 pipers B.W. B Mc; J.S. and Callum

Sat 7th May Tewkesbury Festival 3pm start. Free parking at Abbey. 
Start is in Sun street, Post Code GL20 5NX.  Completed with 7 pipers.

Sat. 21st May  Royal Wootton Bassett Carnival 1600 hrs. Completed on a very wet day but still 9 pipers and 4 drummers turned out. Iain W. John R. Bill G. John S. Pam T. Carol B. Bill R. Peter Mc. Carol V. were the pipers. Drummers were young George and his dad Paul, Carol Varney's sister Pat and daughter Jill. Thanks to all for the effort.

Mon. 30th May  Pershore Carnival 1200 hrs. Procession starts 12.30pm, meet at 11.30am at Pershore Football Club, King George's way, Post Code WR10 1QU. We are also playing in the arena in the Abbey Ground at 2.20pm for 20mins. Completed with 8 pipers and 3 drummers. Pipers Iain W. Bill Gibson, Bill Rivet, C. Baylis, Peter McNeil, C. Varney, V. Sandy and J. Shields. Drummers P.J. Wall, Jill and Pat. Thanks for the efforts from the Bristol mob and the weather was a lot nicer.

Frid. 3rd June Dovers Hill games, meet at the usual pub 6pm. Please note this event has been cancelled.

Sat 11th June Upton upon Severn Community Carnival. Start at 1130am Hanley Road car park near bridge. meet at 1030 am for tuning up etc. We then play in arena at 1.30pm (approx) with refreshments provided by the WI in the main clubhouse where we can also leave our kit. Car parking at Hanley Road, Post Code WR8 0HY or in Upton Sports Field Post Code WR8 0HW. Pipe major has asked  that we all meet at the Hanley Road car park for 1030am to tune up etc. He has also advised all car owners to display a prominent note to indicate that the car owner is a member of  the St Andrews Pipe Band, hopefully that will avoid us paying any car park charges. Completed with 6 pipers and 2 drummers, thanks once again to the Bristol contingent. Pipers were Iain, Carole Baylis, Carole Varney, Bill Rivett, John Shields and Pete Mcneil. Drummers were Jill and Pat.

Sat. 25th June  Evesham Carnival.  Procession starts this year at 2pm so meet at 1.15pm for tuning up etc. Parking is in Crown Meadow on the left side beside the rowing club Post Code WR11 4SS. The procession starts and stops here. We are also expected to play in the arena at some stage, timing to be confirmed. Completed with 6 Pipers and 3 drummers. Pipers were J. Ross, B. Gibson, Pete Mc Neil, Bill Rivett, Carol Varney and John Shields. drummers were PJ Wall, Pat and Jill. Thanks to all for their efforts, particularly the four from Bristol. Pete managed to play the Bass Drum when we played in the arena, so well done to him.

Sat. 6th Aug. Ross Town Carnival.  Meet at 12pm Carnival will leave Ashburton Estate at 1pm Post Code HR9 7BW. arriving at the Rope Walk Edde Cross street at approx. 2pm. We then have a break until we are scheduled to play in the arena. Completed with 9 pipers and 1 drummer (Pete Mc Neil on the bass).

Sat. 3rd Sept.  Gloucester Day Parade. Parade starts at 2pm in Constitution Walk beside the Conservative Club so meet for around 1.30pm for any tuning etc. Refreshments in Brunswick Baptist  Church afterwards. Car parking is in the Barbican Car Park Post Code GL1 2HS. Completed with 7 pipers and 2 drummers and the rain stayed away for our parade. Thanks to Pete for banging the Bass Drum and thanks also to the Bristol mob for their efforts.

Weekend 9th 10th and 11th Sept. Bideford Massed Pipes and Drums. You can view their website by selecting the link below. 


Completed with 6 pipers from the band taking part. We joined up with the Newport Pipe band and the North Devon Pipe band. Weather was changeable but it kept dry for the main parade on the Saturday evening.

Sun. Sept 25th Cheltenham half Marathon at the Cheltenham Racehorse track Prestbury, start 9am but get there when you can. This is just a turn up and play for as long as you want but the PM would like to see most of you at some time during the day. We are part of the entertainment as the runners make their way around the racecourse during the Cheltenham Half Marathon. PostCode is GL50 4SH. Completed with 4 pipers Iain, Veronica, Carole B. and John S. Well done to the 4 stalwarts as that was a bit of a nightmare.

Sun. 13th November Stow in the Wold Remembrance day parade, meet at the Royal British Legion Hall, Well Lane, GL54 1DB  for 9.30am to enable tuning etc. to be completed before we march off (10.30am from the square). Completed with 9 pipers,2 guest pipers and 2 drummers. Pipers included young Callum.



Sat. 28th Feb. Cheltenham Scottish Society Annual dance, 4 Pipers required
meet at 7pm.

9/10 May VE +70 anniversary Quedgeley Fishers Meadow. Lone Piper will be required Saturday evening for Colours. Please note that this event is now cancelled except for the requirement of the Lone Piper.

Frid. 29th May Dovers Hill, Chipping Campden. Meet at 6pm bottom of the hill.

Sat. 6th June Evesham Carnival Meet at 1130 am for tuning up etc. Meet at Crown Meadow Evesham Nr Rowing Club WR11 4SS. 

Sat. 20th June RBL Stow. Drum Head ceremony 1400 hrs. 

Sat 27th June Cardiff Armed Forces Day. Coach has been cancelled but individual members who wish to travel to this event may do so under their own steam. 9.30 am for tuning up parade starts at 10.30 am with a finale at approx. 5pm. 

Sat. 1st August Ross Town Carnival, Meet at Ashburton Trading Estate for 12pm. Post Code HR9 7BW. Parade starts at 1pm and we march the proposed route to  end at The Rope Walk. The route is approx 1 mile, we are also playing in the arena after the march. approx waiting time 30 mins then around 15 mins in the arena. 

Sun. 9th Aug. Edinburgh PipeFest. Use the link below to view their website.

Mon. 31st August Ledbury Carnival, Carnival starts from the Rugby ground at 12 o'clock. post code HR8 2LP. Majority of band meeting at the Co-op, post code HR8 2EZ, for 1130am for tuning etc. Band is playing again at approx. 3.10pm. 

Sat. 5th September Gloucester day parade, tuning up to take place in the Barbican Car Park, post code GL1 2HS(you should all be issued with free car park passes) between 1230 and 1.30pm. Assemble in the alley leading to the Conservative Club for 2pm start. We are in the last block. Refreshments in the Baptist Church where the parade ends. 

Weekend 11th 12 and 13 Sept. Bideford Massed Pipes and Drums. You can view their website by selecting the link below. 


New Events Cheltenham Half Marathon on Sunday 27th Sept held at the Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road GL50 4SH. Band will be playing between 10am and 12 noon. Meet at 9.30am for tuning up etc. The band will then move onto Gloucester to play at 2pm. in Kings Square, Post Code GL1 1RW.

Sun. 8th November Stow in the Wold Remembrance day parade, meet at the Royal British Legion Hall, Well Lane, GL54 1DB  for 9.30am to enable tuning etc. to be completed before we march off (10.30am from the square).